C Fly crashed all the cars.
All car washes are done by gypsies, remove all valuables.
Accepting donations in cash, paper and crypto and drugs
R Flowers ♥ racing

Racers Road Rage

Racing @R3RR server(s)

Join us during a public simrace sessions on our server(s).

Rank your best lap times on our website.

Events on the public server usually run for 1-2 weeks. We will add a calendar on the site to display which events are running on the servers. Suggestions for events are always welcome, please use the contact details on the bottom of this page.

Real Road

On the server the Real Road setting is configured as User:Autosave. The Real Road settings are saved and loaded the next weekend. Better rubber means better times, be sure to re-try your best lap later during an event.


Racing on the server(s) is primarily to have fun. Results of the races are parsed and displayed on the website bla bla blabla


R3RR team members can request an account at the server admin


For all communications: webmaster@r3rr.com

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